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We build up to standards of Illinois Codes

Bartlett Deck Builders & Contractors is your greatest bet when it comes to getting your needs and wants for your deck or porch and putting them into action while always following Illinois building codes. We have all the licenses we need to build and fix decks and porches Bartlett according to the standards listed above. When it comes to offering the best services with the most skill and experience of porch builders and using all the necessary parameters to make it happen, we are there!

Deck And Porch Builders In Bartlett, Il

Deck Builders Bartlett

If you desire to add something to your house that will not only make it look better but also make it worth more in case you ever want to sell it, a deck building Bartlett is the best choice. Bartlett Deck Builders & Contractors offers a full service for building decks, which includes designing, getting the necessary permits, and building the deck.

Deck Designer Bartlett

Adding a deck to your home might be the best thing to do if you wish to have more room for outdoor activities and want to enjoy the view with ease. At Bartlett Deck Builders & Contractors, we have a deck planner who can help you make the deck of your dreams based on your style, wants, and, most importantly, your budget.

Deck Repair Bartlett

Do you have a deck on your house that is falling apart or that you can't use all the time because it's getting worse? Don't worry, because Bartlett Deck Builders & Contractors can fix your deck and make it look brand new. Let our experienced deck builders in Dupage County take care of that objective so you can get back to using the area full-time.

Porch Builders

Bartlett Deck Builders & Contractors is a qualified business that also builds house porches Bartlett so you and your guests (whether they are family or friends) can enjoy the clean air outside. Our builders will work with you to create the best place for you that fits with the style of your home but also has your own touch.

Porch Designer

Want to build a porch on your house that fits your ideas? Don't worry, our Bartlett porch builders will create your dream outdoor space based on the size and shape of your home and the comforts you have always loved.

Screened Porches Bartlett

Our Bartlett porch builders also have a lot of experience making covered porches Bartlett, which are great for homes because they give them the best of both being inside and outside. Bartlett Deck Builders & Contractors have more than 20 years of experience and can build any kind of porch, no matter how hard or complicated it is. They always follow Illinois building and safety rules.

This Is How We Work, Step By Step!

Deck And Porch Builders In Bartlett, IL

Talk To Us!

We can't wait to talk with you about your idea. We'll start by talking on the phone about the details of your deck-building job, as well as the timeline, supplies, and your goals. We'll also set up a time to come to your home and give you a free quote.


We will go to the place of your project to talk about details, goals, and wants. The most important thing for us is to completely comprehend what you want your deck project to look like.


You will hire us to do the planning for your job. We will give you a unique plan and proposal that takes into account the style and function needs of you and your family. .

A Project Done

We will set a date and time for making your porch or deck. We always do as asked!


We're excited to hear what you have to say. As experienced deck and porch builders, we'll clean up after ourselves, but more importantly, we won't leave until you're happy with your new deck or porch.

Decking And Porches

Decking And Porches Bartlett Are Our Passion

Bartlett Deck Builders & Contractors is happy to be a company that builds great decks and porches Bartlett that not only meets the strictest building standards in Illinois but also makes our customers smile the biggest smiles. You can contact us by means of our website or by phone if you want free quotes for decks or a porch. We care most about your comfort!

Why Pick Us?

  • Do you only build with things that require little maintenance?
    Most of our projects are made with materials that don't need a lot of upkeep, like plastic and composite decking. However, our deck builders Bartlett can also make wood-based deckings if the customer wants them. We also have pressure-treated and rare hardwoods in that section.
  • How long does the average job go on?
    How long decks and porch projects take varies a lot on how big they are. If they are small, they can be done in less than a week. If they are big, they can take between 2 and 3 weeks. During these times, it will be up to our porch workers to keep the work area as clean as they possibly can and always be friendly.
  • Do I require a permit to build?
    You don't have to be concerned about it because Bartlett Deck Builders & Contractors manage all kinds of building and zoning permits, especially in the Illinois area. So, we suggest that our clients give our porch builders a master plan of their land so that it can be included in the application for the right permits.
  • What kinds of changes can be made to a deck?
    We offer a variety of extras that can make your deck or porch look even better, such as built-in chairs, unique corner posts, child safety gates (if you have small children), flower pots, and more.

What our customers say?

Different Deck And Porch Styles

A Modern Patio

A modern balcony is a simple, inexpensive, and not at all boring choice. This style is mostly made up of straight lines, geometric shapes, and angles. A shiny finish is used with a basic color scheme that is calm. Also, the base color is usually different, and a single bright color is used as an accent. This accent can be a single piece of furniture, a pot, a plant, or a cloth like a rug, curtain, cushion, or decoration.

Building A Boho Porch

Boho porch building is very relaxed and a popular place to hang out in the summer. A boho-style porch is a marvelous election for both business and private grounds. It can really set the tone for the kind of restaurant or hotel. Boho style, which is loose and light, is perfect for warm summer days.

Rustic Decks

With its natural colors and materials, a rustic deck is great for people who love the outdoors. This space is quiet and amazing for relaxing, meditating, and getting together with family and friends. Rustic style is also called “country style," so the deck may have some of the same features as a country porch. The plan will definitely use native wood from the surroundings. This wood could be used as a roof, floor, or artistic element.



When it comes to making decks in Bartlett, one of the most common materials used is pressure-treated lumber. This is because it is soaked in chemicals that keep insects and water from doing much damage to it, which makes it naturally last longer. This stuff is easy to find, cut, and, most importantly, work with. But if you don't like how this material looks in its natural state and want to give it a more personal touch, you can ask deck builders Bartlett to color it until it looks better.


Unlike pressure-treated wood, Cedar is thought to be a high-quality decking material in Bartlett because it can stand up to the test of time and wear and tear. This is mostly due to its natural weathering and tannins. Aside from that, it is very effortless to work with and very light.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics are a marvelous pick if you want to build a deck on your dwelling with a material that won't break down over time and won't need a lot of upkeep. Even though there are different standards of quality for PVC, they are all strong.


There are different classes of composite decks, such as low-density polyethylene (LDPE), rice hulls, high-density polyethylene, etc. These materials don't get scratched or worn down easily, which makes them popular for restoring decks. They also come in a myriad of colors that look like wood.


Your deck builder will communicate to you to use hardwoods if you desire your decking to last for a long time and stand up to the climate. Not only do these trees last for a long time, but they also have natural tannins that give them the same qualities as pressure-treated oak.

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